Cration Boutique Dropshipping Sur Mesure En MULTI FOURNISSEUR


For a long time, only companies or seasoned entrepreneurs, who have financial resources, technical and commercial, were able to run e-commerce shops to success. With the advent of solutions, such as Shopify, PrestaShop and Review, and the advent of DropShipping, it has never been so simple and accessible to start an online shop today.

This has given birth to thousands of stores (for better and for worse...) and with such a growth of the competition, it is not a matter of launch a shop in tears to get out of it. It must be the best of the market, and all the details have their importance, starting with the route transaction to the user, which plays a crucial role on the conversion and seo, which makes it possible to acquire targeted traffic, free and recurring term.

According to a study conducted by Alexa on 1 300 online shops and 5 million pages, the #1 issue of e-retailers for natural search. In light of this principle, SEMrush has listed no less than 80 issues SEO-recurring, relating to the on-page optimization, the implementation of HTTPS, the site architecture, the internal mesh, AMP, images, content, and crawl, among others. It is important to know that even large e-commerce sites contain errors, which can have a negative impact on their positions.

Some interesting figures based on the study :

82,97 % of sites have duplicate content
72,09 % of the sites have pages that link to the old version of the site (http)
79,85 % of the sites are too slow to load (each second of delay results in a decrease of 7 % conversion)

And here is the result of this study exciting in the form of infographic :