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Dropshipping is a direct delivery service to your end customer.

With this system you will be able to market all the products of the supplier and he is responsible for delivering directly to your customer.

The delivery provided by the supplier does not contain any advertising, brochure or brand that can identify them.

With Dropshipping, you can develop a high-value business, without worrying about the purchase of products, inventory or expensive management and logistics.

Dropshipping allows you2 to significantly diversify your sales thanks to their thousands of products.

Example :
The supplier sells a product at 450 euros, you, you sell this product at 600 euros when a customer buys this product on your shop, he pays for his order in advance.
So with the money that the customer has just paid you buy the product directly from the supplier's shop and then The supplier delivers it to him without ever leaving their traces and you earn2,150 euros multiplied by the number of sales per day2.