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Payment is an inseparable subject of online sales. When you are in the phase of creation of your dropshipping website, customers must have a suitable payment solution to finalize their purchase.

It is therefore important for e-merchants to offer different payment methods and to know their audience well in order to propose the one that suits them best. In this article I will therefore share with you some tips so that you know which online payment solution to choose on your dropshipping store.

A payment solution tailored to your customers
The choice of the online payment solution requires above all a few analyses.

Indeed, you must take into account the needs of your company and especially your type of customer base. You should attach particular importance to the market in which your dropshipping business will develop.

Here are the things you'll need to consider when choosing a payment solution :

The strategy of your company

When creating your e-commerce website, you should definitely know which market you want to sell in: only on the national territory or internationally. The payment solutions are therefore not the same depending on your country of sale.

The type of products you sell

Depending on the range of products you sell on your merchant site, the payment solutions are not the same. Indeed, some means of payment are more suitable for the sale of classic products, and others - for the sale of high-end products.

It is therefore important to inquire to know the habits of consumers according to the prices of your products.


The nature of your target is one of the main elements to consider when choosing the dropshipping payment method.

Indeed, for each type of customer, its payment solution adapted. If individuals prefer to make their purchases by bank cards or via electronic wallets, professionals are used to bank transfers.

Dropshipping payment solutions

In the majority of cases, payment by credit card is undoubtedly the preferred system of the French.

Fast and above all secure, you just need to register with a payment provider to benefit from all the services and accept online payments from your customers.

To date, there are many service providers, affiliated or not with a bank, and with their online platform.

All these solutions are integrated on to offer you many choices of service providers. In particular Stripe, which is the solution most used by dropshippers.

So you can set them all up on your dropshipping store with ease.


Stripe has revolutionized online payment with its innovative system that does not require the intervention of banks. Your customers can therefore pay for their purchases independently with their credit card without resorting to any banking service.

The other advantage of Stripe lies in its simplicity of integration on your store. This payment method allows you to keep your customers on your site when making a purchase!

Indeed, with other payment solutions, visitors are redirected to the sites of banks. There it is not the case. And this greatly facilitates the journey of your customer when he has to fill in his bank details.

Your customers will be able to pay quietly on your dropshipping store.

Stripe also offers the monthly subscription. A real asset if you want to launch a custom box site for example.

The prices of Stripe :

For European companies, Stripe invoice (per successful transaction) :

- 1.4% + 0.25€ with a French or European card

- 2.9% + 0.25€ with a non-European card

Tailor-made quotes are available for merchants processing more than € 30,000 per month.


Paypal Classic

PayPal is a very popular online payment solution. The group currently has several million active customer accounts worldwide.

This payment method has many advantages: security, simplicity, speed.

Anyone can make a payment by PayPal. Even those who don't have an account! Which greatly facilitates transactions.

Paypal Integral Evolution

This is a premium version of the classic Paypal payment method.

In addition to the classic services, you can accept all bank cards and paypal accounts, customize your payment page and benefit from an advanced version of the Merchant Protection program.

Paypal Express Checkout

It allows you to place a button to place an order directly from your product sheet. You thus reduce the steps until the order is finalized and thus significantly improve your conversion rate (82%* according to a study: comScore Online panel, Q4 2017 - Analysis of purchasing behavior on the 20 largest merchant sites) :

Buyers start the payment procedure directly from the product description page (or from the shopping cart).
A secure window opens on your site. Buyers check and confirm their payment data.
The customer's contact details are sent to you by Paypal, as well as his delivery information. No more need to fill out forms on your site!
PayPal's commissions are 2.90% + €0.35 per transaction.


Payplug is an online payment method that is characterized by its ease of use, both for the customer and for the seller.

It is indeed very easy to integrate into your dropshipping store and has been simplifying payment for all e-merchants for several years.

In addition, Payplug is Made In France!

The rates of Payplug :

Without VAD contract, without installation costs, without commitment.

Three offers available :

frais Payplug


PayGreen is a conscientious means of payment for the impact that online commerce can have on the planet.

Thanks to its algorithms, it calculates the energy impact of your customers' online browsing as well as that of the delivery of their orders.

Once the calculation is done, PayGreen offers them the opportunity to offset this carbon footprint by making a donation of an equivalent value.

This one comes to finance the Madre de Dios project, which works for the sustainable exploitation of wood and the protection of the Amazon ecosystem.

As a company, you can also participate in the compensation of this carbon footprint and thus enhance your commitment to the planet!

With PayGreen your customers can :

Pay cash
Pay late / on delivery
Pay in installments free of charge / by subscription
Pay by email

PayGreen rates :

Without registration or commissioning fees and without commitment!

With Distance Selling contract: 0.6% + 0.08 €
Without Distance Selling contract: 1.4% + 0.25 €
The VAD contract is to be negotiated with your bank.

Additional options :

9€ HT/month for the ‘One-Click’ payment option
6€ HT/month for multi-user access/payment page “in-site”
6€ HT/month for the in-site payment page

The small plus of PayGreen: Option "Online Rounding"

PayGreen allows your customers to round up their cart for the benefit of an association when paying for their order: 100% of the donation is donated.


If your store offers international sales, Payzen is an excellent payment method for your dropshipping site.

Payzen is a payment method that requires e-merchants to have signed a VADS contract with their banks.

This contract allows you to accept payments by credit card (Bank Cards), Visa (French and foreign), Visa Electron (French and foreign), Mastercard (French and foreign), Maestro (French and foreign) and E-cartebleue.

Thanks to its partners, Payzen is available from Europe, South America and Oceania.

In addition to internet payment, it also integrates an SMS payment system, especially for small amounts.

Payzen's rates :


*FAS: Service Activation Fee

The different payment methods offered by Payzen :
With Payzen, you can offer several types of payment to accommodate all your buyers :

Payment by login
Payment by subscription
Multi-card payment
Payment by Interactive Voice Server
The payment in n times
The payment in n times advanced
Manual payment
Payment by email
Payment by url
Payment by direct debit & bank transfer
Payment via Whatsapp
Payment by chatbot

Amazon Pay

The advantages of Amazon Pay :

Enhanced trust

Use Amazon's worldwide reputation to inspire confidence in your shoppers and build customer loyalty.

Simplified purchasing

Give your customers the opportunity to pay with their Amazon credentials. They no longer need to remember their credit card details or create a new account.

A network of international customers

Enjoy a network of more than 300 million Amazon accounts active worldwide.

The transaction fees in France of Amazon Pay :

Amazon Pay

Additional fees if the payment is made from one of these countries (to be added to the rates above) :


Ingenico ePayments

Ingenico ePayments is a payment solution present in more than 200 countries around the world. Tens of thousands of e-merchants use this payment method.

Ingenico therefore adapts perfectly to an international dropshipping store with several currency units accepted in all countries. From the international currency, through the national and local currency, you are to offer the currency adapted to the targeted country!

The Ingenico payment solution works on several channels. Which therefore offers you the opportunity to sell through different levers: messenger, chat, etc.


Hipay is an online payment solution dedicated to growing SMEs.

It is a fast payment solution to integrate and hosted on a secure platform.

More than 150 currencies and 220 payment methods are available

Thanks to its network of partners, you can accept payments on 4 continents: Europe, Asia, South America and North America.


In conclusion, it is worth choosing your payment solution for your dropshipping store.

The one you will choose will contribute to the development of your business and its success. The more you best meet the needs of your potential buyers, the more you maximize your chances of making more sales and getting your customers back.

So, take the time to study the possibilities for each solution to be as effective as possible!