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Mass price update (products and variations) and REAL/FAKE promo

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Mass price update (products and variations) and REAL / FAKE promo

Mass price update (products and variations) and REAL / FAKE promo

Improve the speed of your work with this module, which allows you to update the prices of your prestashop products and combinations in bulk with a single click, saving time and money.

It is optimized for your comfort and is designed to offer high productivity at all times, with accurate data processing.

You can filter products by categories, manufacturers.


Price update is an indispensable module for online stores.


You can now update and change your prices and combinations quickly and easily with this module.


"Updating product prices" can be a tedious task.

The price update allows you to do everything in one click!

All prices on your site will be updated in one go.

You no longer have to manually change each price one by one!

The module is especially useful for dropshipping shops with large catalogs, and it is optimized for fast performance even in large stores.


Fake promotion price promo discount

The module contains a unique option: promotions with fake prices.

Discounts with fake prices is the best prestashop module to get more customer 

You have two option: REAL or FAKE PROMOTION

You can change your prices with one click and at the same time add promotions.

You can create real promotions or fakes without ever losing a single penny.


Example for fake promotions.

If originally you sell a product at 10,13 euros and you want to create a promotion of 20% without losing money, use this module, it will increased the price and so the product will have a new price at 12,66 euros then it has joust a promotion of 20% and so the crossed out price is 12,66 euros and real sale price will remain at 10,13 euros.