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Prestashop Busyx dropshipping module English

Delivery Time Service/Modules 24H / shop 7-10 days

Version mobile


The Busyx Pro import module for PRESTASHOP will allow sellers with a PRESTASHOP e-commerce, to import automatically and with a single module all busyx-Pro products.

Supplier price 92% Stock availability 99% Image quality 88% EAN code 100% Quality of descriptions 100% Quality of titles 100% Module prestshop

Busyx Pro import dropshipping catalog English

Prestashop 1.7

English language catalog

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The Busyx Pro import module for PRESTASHOP will allow sellers with a PRESTASHOP e-commerce, to import automatically and with a single module all busyx Pro products.

Catalog type

  • Erotic Products


Module option & before import

  • You can Automatically: Ignore the product if the quantity is zero.
  • You can Automatically: Generate a quantity.
  • You-can Automatically: Use product images for categories.
  • You can Automatically: Add the brand to the end of the product name.
  • You can Automatically: Import multiple images of each product.
  • You can Automatically: Make updates to existing products.
  • You can Automatically: Choose the carrier for this catalog.
  • You can Automatically: Choose VAT.
  • And several other options.



  • Margins are calculated by percentage or price.
  • You can place as much margin as you want.

  • Example margin1: products from 0 to 10 euros has 140% or a fixed amount 2 euros.
  • Example margin2: products from 10.01 to 20 euros has 120% or a fixed amount 2 euros.
  • Example margin3: products from 20.01 to 50 euros has 100% or a fixed amount 4 euros.
  • Example margin4: products from 50.01 to 100 euros has 90% or a fixed amount 8 euros.
  • Example margin5: products from 100.01 to 200 euros has 80% or a fixed amount 15 euros.
  • Example margin6: products from 200.01 to 300 euros has 60% or a fixed amount 20 euros.


  • The module is pre-configured.
  • Nothing should be changed except as indicated below.
  • After installation you have to go to "Settings".
  • Add the necessary information that is missing in the empty URL fields.
  • Go to "margins".
  • Edit or add new margins - according to your needs.
  • We do not recommend margins per amount.
  • You can add as much margin as you want.

No subscription, limited quantity of products ordered ▲, commission, entry costs and hidden fees – ▲ You win like the first! The products are always available ▲ because our production department is located in Wroclaw.

About Busyx-Pro

BusyX-Pro is your new wholesale reference on the Internet!

  • Present on the web merchant since 2000 as a vepecist, we have decided to make you benefit today from our expertise and our know-how.
  • By entering Busyx-Pro, you have immediate access to the best selection of adult items by offering you very competitive rates negotiated directly with manufacturers around the world with whom we work daily and with whom we share privileged business relationships.
  • Our catalog includes several thousand references in Sexy Lingerie, Ready to Wear, Shoes, Sex toys,
body products, DVD X, Intimate jewelry, etc.
  • You can place an order and pay directly by credit card, check, transfer, postal order.
  • We work exclusively on stock. Our premises are located in the Avignon region on 1000 m² of storage area. Our logistics and order shipping service is spread over 150 m².
  • BusyX-prois a site reserved for professionals

    • You have a real or virtual store, you are a home sales professional and are looking for a reliable and multi-product supplier, you are looking for a Drop-Shipping solution to ship all your packages to your customers? Busyx-pro is the partner of professionals in the sale of products for adults!


    • 10,000 products in stock
    • No minimum order
    • Packages shipped the same day until 15:00

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    Module prestshopModule prestshop Module prestshop Module prestshop Module prestshop Module prestshop Module prestshop


    CRON Yes
    REFERENCE NUMBER 60000 - 70000
    Subcategory 3 category
    MARKED Yes
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