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Prestashop Msy dropshipping module

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The Msy Pro import module for PRESTASHOP will allow sellers with a PRESTASHOP e-commerce, to import automatically and with a single module all Msy products.
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Module prestshop
Msy Pro Import Dropshipping

Msy Pro import dropshipping

Prestashop 1.7

Language catalog Several language one to choose from.

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The Msy Pro import module for PRESTASHOP will allow sellers with a PRESTASHOP e-commerce, to import automatically and with a single module all the products of Msy Several language one to choose from.


Catalog Type

  • housewares

MSY INVEST is an innovative, online and dedicated B2B (business-to-business) site that offers manufactured products that tirelessly strive to create tools and resources that help our customers in their quest for satisfaction by offering superior quality household and fashion items for wholesale items. We are a versatile import and export company that actively seeks suppliers of new, interesting and sought after products by a work team that also gives its customers the opportunity to deliver our goods directly to our customers. We have also specialized in sourcing goods from our customers regarding their own needs from China, as part of FOB orders, since we have the bulk purchases for the manufacture of many various household appliances and accessories with distribution areas throughout Europe.


MSY INVEST is currently located in Belgium, in Brussels, with the aim of allowing customers to choose household products in a household goods store. to be one of the largest distributors of household appliances in the world. Our growth over the years has been fueled by an unwavering commitment to providing important elements, as we are able to provide customers with comprehensive FTP files in CSV and XML format that connect our database to their site. We offer the greatest possible value pretty much as acquired by assigning customer service.


If you want to buy in bulk, you may want one or more items that you need. We are dedicated to personal service and product research that does not comply with the basic criteria.



Module option & before import

  • You can Automatically: Ignore the product if the quantity is zero.
  • You can Automatically: Generate a quantity.
  • You-can Automatically: Use product images for categories.
  • You can Automatically: Add the brand to the end of the product name.
  • You can Automatically: Import multiple images of each product.
  • You can Automatically: Make updates to existing products.
  • You can Automatically: Choose the carrier for this catalog.
  • You can Automatically: Choose VAT.
  • And several other options.


  • Margins are calculated by percentage or price.
  • You can place as much margin as you want.

  • Example margin1: products from 0 to 10 euros has 140% or a fixed amount 2 euros.
  • Example margin2: products from 10.01 to 20 euros has 120% or a fixed amount 2 euros.
  • Example margin3: products from 20.01 to 50 euros has 100% or a fixed amount 4 euros.
  • Example margin4: products from 50.01 to 100 euros has 90% or a fixed amount 8 euros.
  • Example margin5: products from 100.01 to 200 euros has 80% or a fixed amount 15 euros.
  • Example margin6: products from 200.01 to 300 euros has 60% or a fixed amount 20 euros.


  • The module is pre-configured.
  • Nothing should be changed except as indicated below.
  • After installation you have to go to "Settings".
  • Add the necessary information that is missing in the empty URL fields.
  • Go to "margins".
  • Edit or add new margins - according to your needs.
  • We do not recommend margins per amount.
  • You can add as much margin as you want.

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Module prestshop Module prestshop Module prestshop Module prestshop Module prestshop Module prestshop Module prestshop


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