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Shop b2bmontres Dropshipping turnkey B2bmontres supplier

Delivery Time Service/Modules 24H / shop 7-10 days

Version mobile

Aesthetics & theme
Aesthetics & theme

Shop with designates classic 500,00 EUR
Shop with modern design 829,00 EUR

Payment every month.

77,00 EUR

Payment every 3 months.

228,00 EUR

Payment every 6 months.

448,00 EUR


One-off payment.

829,00 EUR

Achievements turnkey dropshipping site b2bshows.
Launch your b2bmontres online store in just 5-10 days.
B2B suppliersshows with one (1) language.
B2b Watch Supplier: Save time and focus your efforts on sales.
Dropshipping with ease.

Language catalog according to your subscription.

  1. DEMO without design =>

 Module prestshop

Module prestshop


Type Catalogue

  • B2b Shows: Wholesaler Of Watches And Jewelry Brands.

Simply manage

Control everything from a single dashboard with centralized inventory.

Order management, pricing, etc.

Sell products without inventory or upfront costs.

Get started cleanly in the online sale without stock.

You need to choose a supplier for a dropshipping store b2bshows that perfectly meets your needs.

Shop b2bshows is very easy to take in hand, it is suitable for beginners as well as confirmed.

100% solution dedicated to dropshipping b2bshows is used by many dropshippers.

If there are a thousand ways to make money with b2bshows, e-business ranks among the most convenient, but also the most fashionable.

We create an e-commerce for you b2bshows ready to use, with a catalog b2bshows integrated and a dropshipping service included.

You don't need technical knowledge with b2bshows and you don't need to buy the products in advance.

Orders will be shipped directly by the supplier b2bshows directly to your customers!.

Direct assistance

Get expert technical support for b2bshows as soon as you need it.

Manage on mobile

Manage your business wherever you are.

Achievements of an e-commerce website b2bshows turnkey dropshipping.

No stock to manage or logistics, dropshipping with b2bshows has many assets that make it a quick way to financial independence.

Visual identity

Stand out today with the supplier b2bshows.

We support you in the development and realization of your brand image.


Technical Data Sheet

Several features to manage your store.

Installation of a legal application for the management of cookies (GDPR).

Automatic import of Supplier's products b2bshows.

Implementation of the architecture of the shop.

Stock synchronization (3 times a day).

Responsive theme (mobile and tablet adaptation).

Stock synchro with any supplier.

Synchronization of novelties (2 times a day).

Installation of facebook pixel, analytics code.

Installing and configuring a beautiful theme.

Number of products, visits and images.

Configuration of the means of delivery.

Professional hosting.

Accompaniment all year round.

Choice and installation of payment methods.

Complete optimization.

SSL Certificate.

Creating a logo.

Basket raises automatically abort.

Faceted filters.

Adaptation of the colors of the site.

You become 100% owner of your site.

Installation of the necessary modules(options).

Divinatory research.

Creating categories menu.

Graphic design of the site, home cover, images categories, banners.

Complete installation of the automated system for order management.

Integration of essential pages :

  • (General conditions, privacy policy, returns policy ...).

(Optional) Integration in Amazon, Ebay, fnac marketplaces etc...

Header images, icons, favicons.

Optimization of URLs for SEO.

No technical skills required.

Predefined responsive design.

Contact form with Captcha.

Title and meta description tag optimization.

Integration of different Social networks.

Privacy policy and generic cookies.

Important products highlighted.

Domain name reservation.

Payment configuration by Bank Transfer/ credit card/Paypal.

FA system configuration.cturation in PDF format.

Optimized for mobile

Integration of live chat/WhatsApp Chat.

Visitor statistics.

Ready in 5/10 working days.

Launch your store b2bshows online in just 5-10 days.

Save time and focus your efforts on sales.

Create an e-commerce website with ease b2bshows without local, without stock and without worrying about shipping.

We create your own shop for you b2bshows automatically synchronized.

Short explanation! How Does Dropshipping Work?


Your customer buys a product on your e-commerce b2bshows !.

You, you charge for the order b2bshows, clear your margin and you buy at the wholesale price from b2bshows.

The order is delivered to your customer with your name.

Provider b2bshows prepares your order and manages the delivery.

Who Are Our Dropshipping Stores For b2bshows ?

They Are for everyone.

Anyone little earned money without store or local with b2bshows or have 10 employees.

The Dropshipping b2bshows Is A Modern Business.

Which Puts At Your Disposal The Entire Stock Of b2bshows Without Investing A Single Penny.

99% of sellers at amazon, cdiscount, fnac Etc...

Are dropshipers, you think the redoubt makes stock?.

Yes there are years of that, Now all practice dropshipping and drives in ferrari.

The Advantages Of Working With A Supplier b2bshows Dropshipping.

Wholesale Price On Each Product.

Embark On This Adventure That Can Allow You To Create Your Own Activity.

What Does The Turnkey Dropshipping Shop Include?

We install and configure an e-commerce b2bshows on a very fast server with Catalog Synchronization b2bshows and as options (Registrations, Cancellations, Stock update), Orders, Carriers, Tracking, Shipping costs Etc...

All our shops b2bshows perfectly adapt to all devices, computers, tablets and mobile.

Multiple Payment Methods for b2bshows.

PayPal, Amazon Pay, credit card and bank transfer and even with a payment in 2 3 or 4 times.

Your shop b2bshows will integrate the main carriers and an automatic calculation of the cost of delivery will be carried out.

Customers who have placed an order in your store b2bshows will be able to track the delivery from the control panel of the latter.

Your shop b2bshows will have an option with which you can create, very simply...

  • promotional newsletters with links to product sheets.

Products and categories b2bshows from your shop b2bshows will be synchronized automatically.

Any changes by the supplier b2bshows  will be automatically modified.

Your shop b2bshows will have multiple real-time stock and product price synchronization.

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