Shop dropshipping turnkey with the supplier BigBuy.

BigBuy is the first wholesaler in the european dropshipping with thousands of references in stock

Approximately 55 000 products

Providers : BigBuy

Launch your online store in just 3-5 days

Save time and focus your efforts on sales.

The dropshipping in all simplicity


One-off payment.

799,00 EUR


Payment every month.

75,00 EUR


Payment every 3 months.

220,00 EUR


Payment every 6 months.

431,00 EUR


Prestashop Module BigBuy France

BigBuy is the first wholesaler in the european dropshipping with thousands of references in stock

Launch your online store in just 3-5 days


Approximately 55 000 products

Providers : BigBuy

DEMO 1.7

Save time and focus your efforts on sales.

The dropshipping in all simplicity

Create an e-commerce website without local, without stock and without having to worry about the shipping.

Turnkey Solution : Store Dropshipping
We offer a complete solution, Dropshipping : we can provide you with your own shop automatically synchronized with the one(s) provider(s) of your choice.

How does dropshipping ?

Your customer purchases in your e-commerce
You bill the command, release your margin and buy at wholesale prices
The order is delivered to your customer with your name and company logo
The supplier prepares your order and manages the delivery

Boutique dropshipping clé en main avec catalogue complet

For our shops dropshipping ?

“They are intended for entrepreneurs, and professionals in the ecommerce and digital marketing.
What are customers who appreciate access, in just a few days, to a complete solution, turnkey, with a large number of tools and additional features.”

Prestashop Module BigBuy France

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Shop Dropshipping products perfumery and cosmetics, with the most popular brands on the market !

Be different with a catalogue neat and exclusive, which includes fragrances for men, for women, cosmetics, as well as the latest in accessories. The best brands and at the best price !

Household appliances

An e-commerce dropshipping very requested, in which electronic and computer work together.

The latest deals on laptops, computers, mobile telephones, etc., as well as electronic toys and household appliances. Shop Dropshipping is the most complete for sale online.


Shop Dropshipping is the most erotic in the market, with a vast catalogue of products of the best brands !

Reach customers who are looking for quality articles, sexy and innovative, and offer them in an e-commerce dropshipping course, intuitive and unobtrusive.

Watches and accessories

Are you looking for a shop Dropshipping with style and fashion ? with Watches and Accessories is what you need !

Offers the most innovative in the field of watches for men, watches for women, or sports. Offer the variety and the quality of the first brands, in a project designed to succeed !


Bet on an e-commerce that has of the future ! The culinary sector has more and more followers and for cooking, you need to have the kitchen utensils the most comprehensive, of high quality equipment, best home appliances...

It is now possible to deliver all of this from your shop Dropshipping ! Reach thousands of clients with your own online business.


At one period of the year, the costumes are no longer something exclusive. And with a shop with Dropshipping costumes, you can reach your customers at any time.

You will not be able to have more variety ! Your own online business, with all kinds of fancy dress costumes and all the power of the catalogue BigBuy, the first wholesaler dropshipping european.


We create your online store Dropshipping, for that you have to do is sell the products most in demand, ranging from laptops to mobile phones. HP, Microsoft, Acer, Asus, Epson,... The best brands in the ecommerce specializing in it, electronics and telephony.

If you are passionate about this industry and want to be your own boss, take advantage of this opportunity !


We have brought together, in a single e-commerce dropshipping, the heroes of the entire family ! The articles that are most sought-after Star Wars, Frozen, Cars, Lady Bug, Peppa Pig... and, of course, Superman, Spiderman or Batman !

Bet on a shop Dropshipping where you can provide the decoration or innovative toys, clothing and accessories for children !

Custom catalog

All catalogue BigBuy is at your disposal ! Choose from thousands of references, trademarks or categories, and make your shop unique.

Sell up to 55 000 articles, an extensive catalogue of BigBuy ! This is the perfect option if you want a shop exclusive !

That includes the Store dropshipping turnkey BigBuy?

Shop dropshipping turnkey BigBuy

Shop with Prestashop 1.7

We'll install and configure an e-commerce PrestaShop version 1.7.xx on a server very fast

Synchronization : a Catalogue (registrations, cancellations, inventory, Orders, Carriers, Followed

Catalog (active, inactive, stock, stock, orders, shipments, shipping and tracking.

Shops and catalogs themed

Based on our experience, the shops theorized are more efficient because they convert and position themselves better. You can buy one or more shops dropshipping and choose between a boutique multi-catalogues or thematized with a single catalog.

Design templates

A multitude of models to choose from, see the list above

Design that fits

All of our stores adapt perfectly to all devices.

Multilingual Catalogue

Catalog available in 24 languages. Translations made by native professionals.

Domain and hosting

For you to be the owner of 100 % and your name, we will ask you the name of the domain ex:

SSL for all of your Prestashop store

We install the SSL that is recommended for the area of your Prestashop store.

Means of payment-multiple

PayPal, Amazon Pay, card and bank transfer you can choose from.

Taxes and taxes in the country

We design the boutique, including the taxes of the country of billing.


Possibility to install a module, multi-currency, with the euro by default. you can view it in the demo.

Social networks

Integration in the product sheet of the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

Promo Codes

Your shop will enable you to create and use promo codes customized for your promotional campaigns.

Logo design

Creation of custom logo for your Shop Dropshipping.

Browse by brands and tags

Navigation Structure by brands/tags and Categories improved and optimized for SEO.

Image by categories

Images are specific to each category, to make the navigation in PrestaShop more attractive.

Multi-channel Integration platform

Rules of the prices and profit margins

You'll be able to customize channel your strategy margins and profits, as well as update the price automatically.

Rounding rules

This feature will allow you to round off the sale price.

Selection of categories

You can choose from, in a very simple manner, what kinds of product you want to sell in your shop.

Publication in the search engines for purchases (in options)

Automation tool on Google Shopping, with dépublication auto products without stock. Coming soon : Ciao, Kelkoo, Facebook, etc (option)

Management commands

This tool centralizes your orders from different channels and allows you to track the status of the latter.

Integration carriers and delivery price

Your shop will include the major carriers (UPS, TNT/Fedex, DHL, etc) and an automatic calculation of the cost of delivery will be made.

Integration of follow-up mailing in your Prestashop

The customers who have made an order in your shop will be able to track the delivery from the control panel of this last.

Design newsletters and banners

Tool for the creation of newsletters

Your PrestaShop store will have a module, with which you can create, very simply, promotional newsletters, with links to data sheets of the products.

Full synchronization of the catalogue BigBuy

Synchronize products and categories

Categories and products your store will be synchronized automatically, any changes will be updated automatically.

Sync inventory and pricing

Your shop will have the sync inventory and price change of the product in real-time.

Synchronization commands and followed

Orders that you receive in your e-shop will be automatically synchronized on BigBuy and the tracking will be updated in your shop when it is available.

Sync carriers and shipping costs

On PrestaShop, you have all the carriers available on BigBuy as well as the shipping costs.

prestashop dropshipping dropship supplier wholesaler shop shopify providers dropshippement bigbuy store Shop dropshipping turnkey Launch your online store Create a e-commerce website cheap payment in several times

Shop dropshipping turnkey with the supplier BigBuy. BigBuy is

Shop dropshipping turnkey with the supplier BigBuy. BigBuy is

Shop dropshipping turnkey with the supplier BigBuy. BigBuy is

Shop dropshipping turnkey with the supplier BigBuy. BigBuy is

Shop dropshipping turnkey with the supplier BigBuy. BigBuy is


Data sheet

Twenty four
50000 - 60000
3 category

Specific References

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