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Web traffic from real human clickers

Delivery Time Service/Modules 24H / shop 7-10 days

Product customization 250 char. max

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We work with real people (no bots allowed!) to search for your keywords on Google and click on your ads.

This increases your organic click-through rate (CTR) and improves your SEO rankings.



Grow your SEO ranking using crowdsourced click traffic!

  • Low cost DIY option?  
  • Easy to use - Get started in 60 seconds
  • Real clickers - No bots.

Buy website traffic from real human clickers in your country

We recruit real people (no bots allowed!) to Google your keywords and click on your ads. This increases your organic click-through rate (CTR) and improves your SEO ranking.

WebPoint allows you to buy targeted traffic from real human clickers with high quality IP addresses, IP addresses from real visitors. We have over 85,000 registered clickers and you can target any keyword!

Why Buy Website Traffic?

WebPoint uses real humans to Google your keywords, then they click on the ad, driving real organic traffic to your website. This increases the click-through rate (CTR) for your search engine results page (SERP) listing, which can be a very positive SEO ranking signal.

Does CTR affect rankings?

A few years ago, Rand Fishkin of Moz conducted a CTR case study that took his site from #7 to #1 in less than 3 days sending clicks to his Google search engine results pages (SERPs).

They were real people, making real clicks. This was the first evidence that click-through rate (CTR) was a factor that could strongly move the SERPs.

What does Google say about CTR?

Google itself has stated the importance of CTR many times.


With our team's SEO strategies, we will therefore boost your keywords already present on one of the 10 google search pages. This will increase your organic click-through rate (CTR) and improve your SEO ranking.

✔ Do you want your site to be more visited ?

✔ Want more regular traffic _

✔ Do you want to boost several of your keywords _

✔ You have no solutions to increase your CTR ?


WebPoint has what you need We will allow you to boost the SEO of your website's keywords as well as your CTR!



  •   WebPoint is an agency that helps dozens of companies to reorganize themselves optimally in the field of e-commerce We help you design a successful store .    With WebPoint it's dropshipping Made In France.
  • ✔ WebPoint also takes care of the SEO of your site. It does n't matter what  domain  your site is in. In order to be at the forefront of indexing and referencing requests.
  •   Boosting your keywordsiseasywithWebPoint! __

Our desire is to help each person in the real need to be visible in the long term in order to allow you to create reliable site . Our goal is to achieve your goals  A collaboration starts above all with listening to your needs and  objectives.



  • We offer you to drastically improve your keywords that clearly define your site and thus boost your SEO ranking on search engines using the crowdsourced click traffic method . Specialized in SEO for a better referencing of your site .


Thanks to this service, our team takes care of the referencing of your website with crowdsourced click traffic, which literally means that we use real click traffic with real crowdsourced human hands. Without the slightest contribution of competence on your part.

➡ This offer allows you to be more visible on google in order to reach much more real traffic on your site than you have ever seen .  

  No need to pay hundreds thousands of euros for bots. Besides it's forbidden.

  WebPoint does it for you and with real traffic and by himains



We have a simulator ( see above ) which calculates with the number of keywords  you want to propel, this will tell you the number of clicks and the Budget required for the future new keyword ranking.


We will determine the current ranking of your keywords . To then determine the position of your future ranking.


And indirectly this will increase your organic click through rate (CTR) and improve your search engine SEO rank .

but the most important thing is that you will be able to make sales, because you would be in the first page of google.


✔ WebPoint will significantly improve your site 's SEO ranking . Or in other words, improve the referencing of  your website with an SEO strategy to increase the quality of the referencing of your keywords .     


  • ✔ We do not take into account the clicks of traditional bots but those of  real human clickers .
  • ✔ Our team will take care of drastically boosting your keywords in order to significantly increase your natural referencing .  


We have been working with this type of SEO strategy for many years. Allowing our customers to be delighted to be able to be more visible on the web. Fructifying their turnover. This first allowed  us to learn and better understand the needs of our users. So to have a real knowledge of our target.


We are proud today to have clients who earn a living and who have boosted  their SEO ranking thanks to our strategy of human clickers.


WebPoint does n't stop there !

We are constantly on the lookout to look for new trends, novelties with immense potential and new tips to make our natural referencing strategy even more IRRESISTIBLE. In order to constantly offer you a much more attractive referencing service.


Plus, you outplay the competition that comes through small  SEO strategies through outdated SEO tools or bots.


Will the traffic show up in Google Analytics and Search Console?

Yes. When you buy SEO web traffic from WebPoint, it will all come from real people, so our traffic will show up in all analytics software. You will be able to verify that your orders are fulfilled and see each visitor.

We are the world's first and only crowdsourced search platform where website owners and marketers can buy targeted, real website traffic to improve SEO rankings.

We pay our pool of 85,000+ clickers to search your keywords and visit your website, driving genuine organic search traffic and increasing your SERP click-through rate (CTR).


Our clickers install a browser extension that allows us to track their behavior and verify that they are fulfilling your click orders.


People search for your keyword on Google, just like any searcher naturally would. Then they scroll and navigate the search results pages until they find your site. They will click on your URL to visit your site. Once on your site, they will scroll up and down and stay on the page for about 70 seconds.

Over 10,000 companies in 160 countries have used WebPoint to buy organic SEO website traffic.

Start today!

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